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Josam frame systems are floor mounted with the option of a pit for the heavy duty application.  Floor mounting saves a lot of wear and tear on the operator and costs for the owner. The work area can be as long as the bay. A flat straightening bay is also useful for other repairs when the frame job is finished.

Josam leads the way when it comes to heavy duty frame straightening systems. We pioneered the use of light weight alloys in frame repair tools and have now advanced to the portable floor concept as well.

Lightweight tools on wheels make frame repair a one man job. Josam's light equipment saves time and money, not to mention that it makes the work easier on the operator and creates less downtime for the customer.

Josam's new medium duty I-press allows the operator to use multiple bays and easily move from job to job.

High reach equipment, 10 to 40 ton c-clamps, axle correction, cab benches and all the other tools necessary to take on the toughest frame repairs are available from Josam.


Wheel Alignment

Josam builds the most accurate and repeatable heavy duty alignment equipment available anywhere. Whatever the need or budget, Josam is the answer. Four different alignment systems are available from which to select and they will all solve the issues of tire wear, fuel mileage, and handling.

Josam alignment systems are found in both large and small vehicle manufacturers around the world. Presently, Volvo, Mack International, Merritt Equipment, Wabash National and many others use Josam on production lines in North America.

Fleets of trucks and buses as well as the military find Josam to be the path to real savings operating their vehicles.  Vehicles that run straight down the road are easier on the bottom line as well as the driver.

Garages and dealerships find that Josam is an easy way to add to their bottom line.  Affordable and portable alignment service is a real money maker and a good way to sell parts and additional services at the same time.